Phonexia s.r.o. - BUT FIT Contract: Project SRE - Speaker REcognition

Czech title:Smlouva o dílo mezi Phonexia s.r.o. a VUT FIT: Projekt SRE - Speaker REcognition
Reseach leader:Černocký Jan
Team members:Kamsali Veera Mounika, Mošner Ladislav (FIT VUT), Otáhalová Sylva
Agency:Phonexia s.r.o.
Keywords:speaker recognition
The purpose of this contract is a research and following development of a speaker recognition system, which is aiming in improvement of SRE engine quality.


2016MATĚJKA Pavel. Souhrnná zpráva k projektu "Speaker REcognition" za rok 2016. Brno: Phonexia s.r.o., 2016.

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